Selena Gomez Once Again

There is no rest for the truly beautiful and Selena Gomez has spent much of her life learning that fact. The singer who recently released a new album has come forward to refute some older gossip from last year about her possible stint in rehab. While many speculated that she spent time in a clinic for rehab reasons and pointed out a less than stunning visage that was captured in a few pictures, the singer has revealed that this was the result of chemotherapy and that she has been in treatment for a Lupus diagnosis.

While she says that her disease is now under control many papers have been speculating that she is not as well as she is making it seem. Many say that the starlet has been operating on a much reduced schedule and other still claim that she is still in and out of treatment. No matter what the outcome, Ms. Gomez is a fighter who is bravely promoting her latest album.

Another interesting piece of news is her claim that no songs on the newest album were inspired by her now ex boyfriend Justin Beiber. She says that the songs on this album instead came from her heart and that she has grown much since her breakup with the early twenties heartthrob.

Finally, Ms. Gomez made it clear that the previous rumors about a stint in rehab were particularly hurtful. She described being in treatment and being upset by the rumors. While she didn’t reveal her treatment status at the time, recent celebrity gossip has taken off with the news she has shared and many have come out to wish her will. With a new diagnosis, a new album, and a new outlook on life, this year is sure to be filled with more information on the petite crooner.