Rumer & Dad Bruce Willis – No Idea They Were Cast In The Same Movie

Rumer Willis picks up her dress to avoid walking over it after lunch with a friend in Los Angeles on Saturday.

The 27 year old celeb was then seen out a few days later, wearing a Thakoon for DesigNation sweater just before her flight to New York.

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I’m so proud of her,” Rumer‘s dad Bruce shared. “Here’s a scoop no one knows. Rumer just finished a role in The Bombing. I had nothing to do with it. They cast her as a nurse.

He added, “She said to me, ‘I’m going to be in a Chinese movie.’ I said, ‘So am I?’ Then I said, How many Chinese movies are there? Wait a minute…”

Just for info: Rumer is rocking a Thakoon for DesigNation sweater with the black pant.