Justin and Selena Together to Make a Song

It seem we have not had enough of Selena Gomez and Justine Bieber. New reports say that they have been working together in secret all this while, with nobody suspecting anything. The sexy on-again, off-again couple have shocked many of their fans by working together. The song is titled ‘strong’ and will go a long way in bringing the two pop stars close together. For many fans, known as Jelena, it was a shock. The track which dropped on October 17 has been in the making for many months. Although the two did not record the track together, each one of them laid their track separately, they were working close together during the creation and the writing of the song.

Justin and Selena were not the main writers of the song but were credited as part of the writing team. The duo have been working on the track for months while working on their individual albums at the same time.

The two are still tight and Justin had a feeling that working together would be of great benefit to him therapeutically. Their past might be an important aspect of their career because they were together for a long time and know what makes the other tick. This is great for both their personal life and career.

Over the past months, the two have been pretending that they have not been on good terms with each other, but this surprise proves otherwise. The song is a slow sexy jam that covers the subject of a brutal and complicated relationship. Both partners have been trying to give all the love they have, but they are still messing up. This has brought up speculations that although the two don’t have a bright future together, they will still produce good music together, Jelena Music.