Drake and Karrueche Spotted Chatting Up

Drake and Chris Brown have had a not so good past, and it looks like it is not about to end anytime soon. They have been on the opposing ends and each one is looking for a way to hurt the other any chance they get. They have been involved in a physical confrontation in the past, and that shows how much they are willing to go.

Drake and Karrueche were spotted in Mr. Nice Guy in West Hollywood on Friday cozy and chatted up for some time. This is ironical because drake had dissed her in the track “Live From The Gutter”. When Drake spotted Karrrueche, he went to her table and said hi. They had a nice catch-up conversation. There was nothing more, nothing less from the encounter.

Speculation is that maybe he was apologizing for the diss track aimed at Chris Brown. Karrueche had to understand where Drake was coming from since he wanted to hit Chris Brown where it hurt most. The line on Karrueche was seen as pretty racist and totally unwarranted, but it seems Karrueche has gotten over it and is willing to forget. From the conversation, it is obvious that she is totally Okay with Drake Now. Maybe their mutual hatred for Breezy was what bonded them.

Chris has continued to be buried in controversy with each new story being about him, his ex-girlfriends, or his lovely daughter. He has started trying to be a better dad to her daughter. Karrueche split with Breezy after she learned that he had fathered a child with another woman when they were still together.

Drake knew that Breezy still loves Karrueche and going after was a good way to go after him. Karrueche seemed not to mind going by her reaction.